Who Are We?

Flourish Support Services is an emerging provider of supports for NDIS participants across the Greater Brisbane region. We strive to provide quality service at affordable rates to maximise how much you get out of your NDIS plan.

Our disability supports are offered to self-managed and plan-managed participants of the NDIS. We support a diverse range of people, including children, teenagers and adults, with a wide range individual needs, including physical disabilities, autism, intellectual/developmental delays and mental health conditions.

Our mission is to provide an inclusive, person-centred service that truly improves the quality of our participant’s lives.

Disabled Person with Laptop
Why Choose Us?
Our Services

The Flourish Difference

We charge lower rates than the NDIS price guide and similar providers. This ensures you are able to get the most out of your plan, helping you reach your goals and improve your quality of life.

Some providers forget to consider the human element of the work we do. Flourish Support Services appreciates the importance of ensuring all aspects of our organisation and how we operate is influenced by the people we support. We ensure our support workers are caring, compassionate and empathetic people who are well suited for supporting people with disabilities.

We provide services to people looking to improve the quality of their life and develop independence. We tailor our services around each individual as we understand all people have unique needs and abilities. Our team develops a care plan cooperatively with the individual and any people involved in their care to ensure we are all working towards the same goals, with the person being support guiding their care plan.

All of our workers have appropriate qualifications and experience to suit the people they work with. Flourish Support Services encourages personal and professional growth for our employees and provide additional training to ensure the people we support get people capable of meeting their needs.

Our employees have had background checks completed including the NDIS Workers Screening Check and Blue Cards so you can feel safe knowing our support workers are honest and have been vetted fully;.